Sectional Representatives

Sectional Representatives will be a valuable link within the choir to: -

  • Make new members feel welcome and introduce them to other members of the section
  • Introduce them to The Chairman, Treasurer, Musical Director and other members of the committee
  • Keep section members up to date with new information and ensure those without email are kept informed
  • Take apologies for absence (in advance by midday on Tuesday except in emergencies) and in form the Musical Director to enable him to plan rehearsals
  • Check the registers and notice when a singer is absent and make a friendly call
  • Help to organize sectional rehearsals if needed
  • Encourage members to take an active part in the choir
  • Listen to and hopefully answer any queries from their section
  • Gather any feedback to pass on to committee
  • Contact anyone who leaves the choir and if possible establish the reason
  • Attend a committee meeting once a year to give feedback

Contact Details

Section Name Telephone E-Mail
Sopranos Jill Abbott 01728 663402
Altos Susie Starke

01728 684385

M: 07899 995700
Tenors Pauline Cobley

01473 737317

M: 07713 886171
Basses Brian Goodge 01728 628464

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